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Our Mission

Cannabis Healing is a Family minority-owned cannabis company based in Massachusetts. Our company focuses on retail sales of recreational cannabis, with our main objective being to display the best cannabis products Massachusetts has to offer. Our mission is to Heal our customers with premium cannabis products, host events, social enjoyment & personal satisfaction, and also Heal the community with our involvement, donations, and support. Our company has a substantial interest in giving back and supporting our community.


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Recreational Cannabis

Recreational cannabis has been used in different cultures for years, Recreational cannabis differs from medicinal cannabis as it has a higher level of THC in it.

Recreational cannabis is a psychoactive drug that comes from an Indian hemp plant. It is used as a depressant drug also used for healing inflammation and pain. It has Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as an active component. Recreational cannabis differs from medicinal cannabis as it has high level of THC in it. This cannabis is used by the users to get ”high” effect. Recreational cannabis can also be used for self medication.

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